• Immunity Towards Thrips, Mites, Red Mites, Aphids, Jassids, White Fly & Other Sucking Pest

  • Increases innate immunity of plant.

  • Increases Phenolic compounds which repel insects.

  • Increases enzyme activity & antioxidants.

  • Residue free, Absolutely harmless to Plant.



  • Immunity Towards Caterpillar, Spodoptera, Helicoverpa, Larve & Other Chewing pest.

  • Acts as repellent towards larvae with quick result around 48 to 72 hours.

  • Overall control and targets all larvae developmental stages.

  • Increases carbohydrate utilization rate of plant.

  • Absolutely harm-free to crop.



  • Immunity Towards Downy Mildew, Pythium Rhizoctonia, Fusarium, Fire Blight, Powdery Mildew, & other fungal diseases.

  • Imparts resistance to plants to fight against fungal infections

  • Helps in overall development of plant.

  • Harm-free to crop, Not harmful for honeybees and other beneficial insects.



  • Immunity Towards Root knot nematode, Rhabditida, Dorylaimida, Triplonchida, etc.

  • Quick result around 48 to 72 hours due to induced oxidative stress.

  • Totally biodegradable. Slow release for prolonged action.

  • Enriches soil nourishment and micro element concentration

  • Not harmful for beneficial soil bacteria and fungi.



  • Immunity Towards Xanthomonas Axonopodis Punicae (oily Spot Blight), Xanthomonas Botrytis, X. campestris, Erwinia.

  • Initiates intracellular free radical formation which inhibits bacteria.

  • Absolutely harm-free to crop. Not harmful for honeybees and beneficial insects.

  • Stimulates cytokinine synthesis resulting in excellent plant growth after bacterial attack.



  • Is an excellent supplement to regular fertilizer program enhancing color, sugar content, size, etc.

  • Increases overall yield & quality of plant by increasing nitrite reductase activity and decreases residues of nitrite & nitrate.

  • Helps plant to sustain against adverse stresses by activating enzymes.

  • Increases plant tolerance from biotic & abiotic stress like High salinity, high temparature, and herbicide treatment.



  • Combination of N, P, K, S and amino fertilizers.

  • Provides microelements like Zn, Fe, Mn, Boron in bioavailable form.

  • Slow release of nutrients means maximum availability during plant growth.

  • Acts as soil conditioner and maintains soil moisture for longer time.



  • Non-ionic silicon based adjuvant.

  • Breaks down surface tension of water when it is used with pesticides growth promoters and fertilizers for spray purpose.

  • It pulls the water and wax on the leaf surface together.            

  • This results in maximum spray spreading and optimum active agent coverage with improved uptake.



  • Very effective to use with pesticides and growth promoters with heavy and alkaline water.

  • Converts available water to suitable for spraying.

  • Aqual decreases heaviness by decreasing salt content and reduces alkality by decreasing pH making water suitable for spraying.

  • Addition of Aqual to the spraying water shifts its color from dark red and as it reaches to desired pH, water show specific aqual blue color. Thus no need of pH papaer or pH meter to check water every time.



  • Improves fruit quality (colour, luster, size & brightness).

  • Increases sugar content (brix) in Grape, Mango, Watermelon & Plum.

  • Early ripening & early harvest by spraying in tomato, watermelon, strawberry, pepper & wheat.

  • Significant increase in number of flowers and fruits.



  • Enhanced photosynthesis leads to dark green leaves and maximum yield.

  • Increases nitrogen uptake and provides growth stimulation.

  • Helps in chelation and uptake of plant nutrients of soil.

  • Improves rate of absorption of fertilizers.



  • Promotes & induces profuse flowering.

  • Stimulates growth of flower parts & promotes fruit setting and root initiation on stem cutting.

  • Useful to retard fruit drop.

  • Activates cell elongation & promotes increase in yield on account of increase in fruit number and size.

  • It enhances early flowering. Plants take less time to flower.

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